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Sun Awnings

Looking for the perfect way to keep your home cooler whilst providing shade over a particular area?

Patio AwningSun awnings could be just what you are looking for.

An awning brings so many practical benefits to your garden. It’s not a shelter. It’s so much more. It’s a great place for you to relax, a safe sun-shielded place for the kids to play and the ideal place to enjoy an outdoor lunch. 

Why Choose a Sun Awning?

The benefits from installing a sun awning onto your property are wide ranging. Not only will a made-to-measure awning provide an attractive feature to the exterior of your home, it will also be able to transform a patio or outdoor area into somewhere that is ideal for enjoying alfresco dining or relaxing away from the damaging effects of the sun. 

Thanks to the unique designs and properties of the sun awnings available from WF Glazing Protection, you will be able to ensure trouble free enjoyment and relaxation in your chosen area for many years to come.

Don’t Let The Weather Ruin Your Summer!

The high quality sun awnings available from WF Glazing Protection will allow for outdoor living throughout all times of the year and especially during the summer months.

Not only will they create a cool shaded area offering effective protection from the midday sun, they will also provide protection against the all too frequent summer showers.

Staying safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays is something that has never been more important and our range of high quality sun awnings provide the ideal solar shading solution for your outdoor space without having to incur a substantial expense.

Exceptional Standards

Commercial AwningOur range of sun awnings are manufactured to the very highest of standards. This is reflected in the fact that they are lightweight, easy to operate and constructed to comfortably withstand the rigours of everyday life and the UK weather.

With a vast array of styles, fabric designs and awning options, our customers can tailor the product to meet their particular requirements.

The fabric, as it controls and determines the entry of solar heat, light and UV rays along with the level of view that is maintained, is the most important part of any shading system. 

Innovative Controls

Not only do our sun awnings look great, they even have the ability to think for themselves! One of the major drawbacks of old style awnings was the work involved to set them up. However, clever unobtrusive sensors which detect changes in ambient conditions, enable true hands free, convenient operation.  Our solutions look after themselves, opening automatically when light or heat levels are exceeded and retracting when high winds pose a danger.

An extensive range of stylish, slim transmitters and elegantly designed sensors are available to guarantee a control configuration that is just right for you. And even better still you can add to your configuration whenever you require.

Professional Installation

Our years of experience have taught us that no two customers are the same and as such we make sure that all of our installations are carried out by professional technicians to ensure that we obtain the best possible solution for you.

Sun Awning

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding sun awnings or any of the services available from WF Glazing Protection, please give us a call on 0345 337 4751 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Client Comments

Mr & Mrs Allen - Clifton Village, Nottingham

“Having installed a double glazed lantern roof to our new kitchen extension we found that although we loved the extra light, at certain times of the day the glare could be unbearable when cooking or dining and was ruining our whole experience of being in the new kitchen.

I had used solar control window film at work many years ago so thought it might be a possible solution for us. Having looked online for a professional, local company we contacted WF Glazing Protection and Dave came to see us.

He provided expert advice as he talked us through the various film types, coatings, performances, manufacturers and warranties. In the end we settled on SolarGard Silver35 with 61% glare reduction and a 12 year warranty.

At first we were concerned it would look too dark but this hasn’t been the case. The kitchen feels just as light and spacious but without the annoying glare and the film gives the sky a lovely blue colour when you look up.

Dave also advised us to have 3M Prestige70 External clear solar film fitted to the south facing patio doors. This film reduces the sun’s heat without changing the appearance of the glass. It was a great decision as it has finished the job off nicely.

The sunshine this May has been a good test and the film has passed with flying colours. The kitchen is so much more comfortable and we can really enjoy it at all times of the day. Thank you to Dave and his installation team who did a very neat and tidy job.”
Mr & Mrs Allen - Clifton Village, Nottingham
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