What is a sun control window film?

Essentially, the product comprises a polyester film specifically designed to reflect heat from the sun. This adheres to your windows using an optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive that inhibits 99% of damaging UV rays, and does not alter your vision through the window.

Are these products new to the market?

Sun control window films have been in existence for decades. They are widely used in commercial offices and government buildings to :

In addition, our range of window films offer:

How is window film applied?

We use a non-hazardous slip solution to position the film and then squeegee pressure activates the adhesive. The film is trimmed flush to your window frame leaving a 1-3mm industry standard edge gap to avoid lipping against the rubber gasket. Once installed correctly, the film does not alter your vision through the window. There may be an initial hazy appearance but this will dry-out within a few weeks.

1. Before application
2. Thoroughly clean window
3. Film is prepared
4. Film is applied
5. Completed installation - internal view
6. Completed installation - external view

What will my window film look like?

With shades that are darker and more reflective allowing for personal privacy, to the latest technology clear films that won’t alter the appearance of the glass, there is a style to suit everyone’s tastes. Whichever film you choose, you will have a clear view of the outside world unlike having to draw blinds or curtains!

How long will it last?

All of our films are backed by a comprehensive 10 year manufacturers warranty (15 years in the case of 3M™ Prestige 70) against bubbling, cracking and peeling.

How do I clean my window film?

All of our films have a tough abrasion resistant coating that resists scratches allowing for easy cleaning. Simply treat your windows as you would normally using a soft non-abrasive cloth or squeegee.

How much will it cost?

There are many factors which can determine the price such as the type of film chosen and the number of panes to be treated. However, as a rule of thumb, window films are generally more cost-effective than blinds with the price to treat a conservatory roof starting from as little as £400 excluding vat.

How do I make a booking?

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