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Drop Dead Gorgeous

About This Installation

"My mother and I own a handbag and accessories shop in Towcester. We opened the shop on the 18th of November 2006, and at this time the weather conditions as expected were wintry. As we moved into the New Year and the weather improved we realised that our shop front window display would suffer from sunlight damage and that the shop itself was becoming very hot, even when it wasn’t that warm outside.

On occasions, if for example a customer asked to try a necklace on that was in the window, we found that the jewellery would be very hot which I felt put people off purchasing it. To prevent the items from fading we would have to change the display quite regularly but it was quite difficult as it was a very hot place to stand for long periods of time.

We originally decided to look into having an awning put onto the front of the shop to shade the window but it was not suitable as the building is listed and we had to get listed building permission which could take anything up to 8 weeks, by which time our stock could be sun damaged what with the good weather we have been having. Also the awning was a very expensive method as we were quoted over £2,000 which as a new business is a rather large outlay.

We then decided to look into other methods of protecting the window, and Mr Brian Wong from WF Glazing Protection Ltd couldn’t have found us at a better time. He explained to me in detail the benefits of 3M™ Window Films and we discussed the options regarding the film’s tint to the heat benefits and the installation. He was very thorough and gave us a quote there and then. As we were impressed with both the benefits and the price of the film, we decided to go ahead with it.

The installation was a lot quicker than I thought it would be and Mr Wong was very efficient. He also returned a couple of days later to check that there were no problems and that we were still happy with the outcome. One of my original concerns with the film was that it had a slight blue tint to it, which worried me as I thought it might discolour the products, but I was very happy to find that our items looked just as good as they did before. The items are now a lot cooler when I take them out of the window, and I don’t have to change the window quite as regularly. The shop is also a nicer place to be because it is not as hot any more. All in all, we are very happy with the outcome."

Image shown has been treated with sun protection window film.
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