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RailCare Defeat Vandalism With Window Film

About This Installation

RailCare defeat vandalism using latest 3M technology from WF Glazing Protection Ltd

RailCare Ltd was formed in February 2007 and currently operates sites in both Springburn and Wolverton. With considerable expertise in vehicle and component overhaul, incident repair, spare parts supply and logistics, RailCare provides customers with a total Rolling Stock solution.

A secret of their success, and why they are almost indispensible to their clients, is RailCare’s incident repair team who are renowned for their professionalism and great attention to detail. This is reflected in a high quality of work, and timeliness through their exceptional project management skills. It is no idle boast that all RailCare repairs are carried out to a high standard and on schedule; standards they expect from any third party supplier used.

No matter how simple or complex a project is, RailCare’s objective is to minimise any vehicle downtime. This is accomplished using the latest cutting edge technology aiding their fully qualified engineers at Wolverton and Springburn, who posses extensive experience in C4 and C6 heavy maintenance, as well as the overhauling of rolling stock.

A recent project undertaken by RailCare has been routine maintenance of 17 x 5-car units at its Wolverton Depot as part of the Gatwick Express refurbishment, known as 442. A core element of the project was to ensure that the rolling stock is protected against vandals and graffiti as fully as possible. Although the glass in the rolling stock was replaced with new a major problem was that in future the replacement of all the glass in all the rolling stock was not only a massive and time consuming project, but was also cost prohibitive. Fortunately a solution was available that would enable the glazed areas of rolling stock to be made graffiti resistant, but also was more readily affordable, and quicker to implement.

The solution presented was using 3M clear anti-graffiti film (SH4CLARL) which was sourced and installed by WF Glazing Protection Ltd (WFGP). WFGP realised that protecting the rolling stock was as much about dealing with nuisance as anything else. WFGP’s ranges of anti-graffiti films (from 3M) can be applied to the inside of windows to protect the glass. Thus, when a vandal attempts to scratch or paint a window, they will be damaging the film instead of the glass – potentially saving a great deal of money when the damaged areas need replacing.

Additionally, the 3M clear anti-graffiti film utilised on the Railcare project not only had to protect the windows from vandalism, and present another level of security, but also had to achieve the relevant fire prevention standards. The 3M Safety & Security Film S40 (SH4CLARL) is fire tested to Building Regulations Part 6 & Part 7, and achieves an overall rating of Class 0, thus ensuring that all the “filmed” rolling stock meet the relevant regulations.

Initially, the carriages for the Class 442 project consisted of seventeen units, with each unit consisting of five carriages. WFGP began the project in September 2008, with completion in September 2010. Due to the success of the project WFGP are currently applying film to more units (at an approximate rate of one unit per month) which is scheduled to continue to March 2011. Deadlines for all parts of the project were very tight, with very little notice being able to be given due to the limited windows of opportunity to apply the film to the carriages.

Highlighting the flexibility and effectiveness of the film used, WFGP are now removing and replacing film due to the vandalism and graffiti on Class 465 Units, with the work being undertaken as and when they come in for maintenance. The film has thus protected the carriages from damage, and instead of having to replace the glass it has been purely a matter of removing the damaged film, and replacing with new. Paul Bannel from RailCare states “We haven’t been able to give WF Glazing Protection much notice on a lot of the work, but they have gone out of their way to accommodate us. Working conditions and time scales haven’t been ideal, but throughout the entire project they (WFGP) have impressed with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism.”

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