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Solar Control Film is a Triumph!

About This Installation

The main reception at Triumph Motorcycles Head Office in Hinckley, Leicestershire is an impressive angled atrium in black tinted double glazing fitting their iconic name following 110 years of manufacturing in Britain.

During winter months though, the low level sun was causing a glare problem for the reception staff even through the already tinted glass. WF Glazing Protection were approached to help to solve the problem.

Due to access issues internally combined with the laminated inner pane glazing configuration it was deemed that an external application of solar control window film was the most appropriate solution. The specification was going to be crucial as it not only had to offer the correct level of glare reduction but it was critical that the appearance complimented the existing aesthetic.

Following a successful trial, TG8-XSR dark charcoal non-metallic solar control film with 87% glare reduction and a five year external warranty was chosen. The project was successfully installed from mobile access towers by PASMA certified operatives to 50sqm of glass over 27no high level panes in the mid-section of the atrium.

Paul Walklate who is the Indirect Buyer for Triumph Motorcycles said.......

”Our receptionists were experiencing problems with the light of the sunrise during the winter months; they found wearing sun glasses improved conditions but they were conscious of their appearance when greeting visitors so requested we develop a new solution to the problem. We considered many different ways to approach this such as window blinds and sun screens but the angle of the atrium made it difficult to source a simple cost effective solution so the focus turned towards sourcing a window film.

After searching the internet to identify local services, we arranged for a number of companies to come in to see our problem first hand. When meeting Dave Faulconbridge from WF Glazing Protection I felt quite assured that we’d potentially found the right source given his technical knowledge and approach to the problem. He was determined to identify the correct specification whilst making known and reducing any potential risks. He left a selection of small samples for us to consider and followed up with a competitive quotation along with a promise to provide larger samples once we’d selected a product.

I felt the Receptionists should be the ones to choose from the many options we’d been left from all the suppliers and the two they decided upon were both from WF Glazing. I called Dave who then quickly arranged for free of charge samples to be delivered. We roughly applied them to the windows to get an idea of the effectiveness and also the appearance of the products. We all immediately agreed that the TG8-XSR fulfilled the requirement which was reaffirmed by the comments from passing senior staff.

When we placed the order, we very quickly received all the RAMS and supporting documentation for the installation satisfying all requirements of our HR Procedure. Due to the film being externally applied, Dave had the complexity of scheduling our job around the weather forecasts and also his other customers. The day before installation, the access equipment arrived in readiness for the installation team who turned up at the agreed time. Upon their completion of our H&S induction, the team worked competently throughout the day without the need to be reminded of our Health and Safety procedures. The application required a high level of detail due to the already shaded windows which meant the job wasn’t finished until the dying light of the evening.

Unfortunately however the morning sun on the following day highlighted small imperfections with the sealing. A call to WF Glazing was met with both an apology followed immediately by “not a problem”. Dave was keen to get this rectified and quickly reassembled his team to put right their work. The team returned, utilising the brighter conditions of the morning to reveal any areas of concern. Once they’d completed the remedial works, they ensured that we were involved in the final inspection before leaving.

Overall our experience with WF Glazing left us completely satisfied with their service, the product has solved our problem and has given us no issues throughout the winter months."

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