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Sun Damage & Solar Control Solutions

How much does sun damaged stock cost your business each year?

  • Maximise your window display without the fear of the sun

  • Save yourself the time and hassle of constantly changing the display

  • Our protective films significantly reduce fading by rejecting up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays and 97% of infra-red heat.

  • Films that reject less than 99% of UV will not offer adequate levels of protection!!!

Are your Premises too Hot?

  • Our window films can reduce solar heat gain by up to 82% creating a far more comfortable and productive working environment as well as significantly reducing Air Conditioning Costs; thus increasing the profitability of your organisation.

  • With a wide range available, we can work with all window types to create a solution to meet your individual requirement.

Don’t let the sun damage your profits

You may have a sun awning fitted, or you may be considering it.  An awning will not last as long as window film and can make things dark.  When not in use, the light can still fade your displays while film offers permanent protection.  Retain the charm of your shop without changing its appearance and create a more comfortable experience for shoppers!


Drop Dead Gorgeous, Towcester

"I was very happy to find that our display items looked just as good as they did before. The Items are now a lot cooler when I take them out of the window, and I don’t have to change the window quite as regularly." 

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3M Prestige70.  Solar Energy Rejection = 50%.  Glare Reduction = 23%.  UV Protection = 99.9%


New from the 3M Company - Prestige Series Window Films – The first ever clear solar control film to offer a 15 year warranty.

Causes of Fading

Client Comments

John Dorwick, Rags, Stony Stratford, Bucks, MK11

"Our display items would normally have to be changed after 3 days but were undamaged after the first 7 days of having the film installed. It has made my life easier because I don't have to keep redressing the window. I have also noticed our air-conditioning is coping a lot better now that the film is helping to reduce the heat from the sun"
John Dorwick, Rags, Stony Stratford, Bucks, MK11
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